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THIS IS BEST VIEWED on a computer, but if you're on a phone, it's best to open the link in your browser, not through facebook or instagram... copy paste this in your browser: http://juliasmutart.blogspot.com/

 This is the place to start your original art collection...

Join the PRINT CLUB and start collecting the series!

Once you become a member, you choose if you want to subscribe to the new SERIES that will be printed over the next 4-6 weeks. (you don't have to buy each series, but your membership gives you the option). Your membership is good for the calendar year of 2017.

Each series will be 5 original hand cut linoprints, hand printed, signed, stamped and numbered by Julia Smut (each series will take 4-6 weeks to complete) and shipped to your door! Prints will be a mix of old and new linocuts (including all prints done for Smut Peddlers), each and every print will be unique. Prints will range in size from 4"x6" to 9"x12"

Because I want to keep this a limited thing, I am only going to make 13 memberships available. 

2017 PRINT CLUB MEMBERSHIP - $10.00 (expires Jan. 1st 2018)

SERIES #1 subscription - CLOSED
SERIES #2 subscription - CLOSED



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